What They’re Saying

Live After Show Audience Reaction Fringe 2019

Opposite a selection of audience reaction to the show recorded live 2019.


Delighted Audience Members Fringe 2019

Below a selection of social media images form audience members are the 2019 Fringe Show called Predicably Irrational.

Made me laugh out loud - alot!
— Harvey Mckinnon, Vancouver
Why do I do those crazy things? Laughing at myself. Bernard explained it - but I’ll stop now!
— Alan Hutson, Charlottesville
An incredibly enjoyable and educational show. 5 star content and 5 star performer.
— Anna Esslemont, London
So much fun, so many ideas.
— Thomas Kurmann, NYC
I booked as soon as the tickets went on sale - a must see show!
— Dana Segal, Manchester