About Bernard Ross

Bernard began his career in the legendary Theatre Workshop Edinburgh, delivering street theatre and large-scale arts projects across the city. After a number of changes of hairstyle and the same slightly rubbish fashion sense he’s now a director of =mc, a management consultancy working worldwide for ethical organisations. When he’s not changing the world for the better as a management consultant, he’s sharing ideas through infotainment- combing useful ideas with comedy and theatre.

Irrational Me is the latest production of his mission to inform and entertain.

This is the follow up to the sell-out 2019 show at the Fringe and it comes to Edinburgh after touring to Vienna, New York, Toronto, Washington, Sao Paolo, Sydney and Christchurch.

He has written six award winning books inclusing one in China. His most recent, with Omar Mahmoud, is Change for Good – Behavioural Economics For a Better World. You can buy the book on Amazon after seeing the show. Or just buy it.

Thanks to the super smart and generous Dan Ariely for permission to use the title of his outstanding book Predictably Irrational. Note the show is not the same as his book. Though dammit you should buy his book – it’s full of fabulous insights!

All the profits from the show, and my own book, with Omar Mahmoud, Change for Good. Go to Medecins Sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders to support their outstanding and important humanitarian work. You can find out about Doctors Without Borders here.

Change For Good - Book CoverAnd about the book here.